Battelle BGP Security Study

Award #: N/A
Amount Awarded: $94,400 (Phase 1) + $102,815 (Phase 2)
Sponsoring Organization: Battelle
Grant Period: (2/15/2012-9/30/2014)


This effort will investigate the use of root of trust (ROT) technologies as a means to greatly increase the security of local environments, and to develop generalizable protocols and APIs for using ROT as an overlay for existing network protocols. This work will consist of the following thrusts:

1. Root of trust for local area networks: this thrust will investigate the integration of ROT into basic “network service” protocols such as ICMP, ARP, and access protocols within the local environment. Here, we will focus on the development of extensions to the protocols and system implementations to create highly secure local network information and diagnostics. This work will primarily focus on protocol design and kernel development.

2. Root of trust for web-services: this thrust will extend the prior work to the development of extensions to web-services protocols to enable integration of ROT of trust protocols into the SSL/TLS protocols, and for the specification of ROT requirements in web service definitions (WSDL). This effort will focus on protocol design and extensions to web platforms such as Apache2 and Firefox.

The output of this effort will be a repeatable process and associated libraries for integrating root of trust functionality into arbitrary protocols. We will extend existing ROT libraries and provide simple configuration interfaces and supporting infrastructure.

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