For more information on a particular grant, including an abstract and related publications, please click on the name of the grant in the list below.


P. McDaniel, Plotting a Map of Android Inter-App Communication, Google, $50,000, (2012-2013).


T. Jaeger, Secure Mobile Communications Program, CERDEC subcontract via Telcordia, $150,000, (10/2012-04/2014).

P. McDaniel, Battelle BGP Security Study (Phase 2), Battelle, $102,815, 10/01/2012-09/30/2014.

P. McDaniel, TWC: Medium: Collaborative: Extending Smart-Phone Application Analysis, NSF (CNS), $1,386,518 (PSU $534,748), (09/01/2012-08/31/2016).

T. Jaeger, Information Flow Integrity for Systems of Independently-Developed Components, Air Force Office of Scientific Research, $729,466, (04/2012-03/2015) (with Vinod Ganapathy of Rutgers and Somesh Jha of Wisconsin).

P. McDaniel, Battelle BGP Security Study (Phase 1), Battelle, $94,400, (02/15/2012-09/30/2012).


T. Jaeger, Automatic Intrusion Monitor Placement for Defensive Mediation in Attack Graphs, Army Research Laboratory, $334,000, (10/2011-09/2013).

T. Jaeger, TC: Small: Towards Customer-Centric Utility Computing, NSF (CNS), $488,024, (09/2011-08/2014).

T. Jaeger, Towards Mostly-Automatic, System-Wide Integrity Policy Generation, Hewlett-Packard Corporation (Innovation Research Program), $75,000, (08/2011-09/2012). Renewed for 2012-13 for an additional $75,000.

P. McDaniel, TC: Medium: Collaborative Research: Building Trustworthy Applications for Mobile Devices, NSF (CNS), $350,000, (9/1/2011-8/31/2014).

P. McDaniel, Closing the Loop on Security Testing and Security Requirements, Institute for CyberScience and The Penn State Institutes of Energy and the Environment, $31,000, (8/1/2011-7/31/2012).


John Abowd (Cornell University), Stephen Fienberg (Carnegie-Mellon University), Sofya Raskhodnikova, Aleksandra Slavkovic and Adam Smith, CDI-Type II: Collaborative Research: Integrating Statistical and Computational Approaches to Privacy, NSF (BCS), $2,049,924, 09/01/2010-08/31/2014).

P. McDaniel, Smart Grid Cyber Security Research, Lockheed Martin, $250,000, (1/1/10-12/16/10).

P. McDaniel, Managing Security and Vulnerability Risks in the Smart Grid, Institute for CyberScience and The Penn State Institutes of Energy and Environment, $31,000, (1/1/10-12/16/10).


T. Jaeger, Establishing Integrity in Dynamic Networks of Cyber Physical Devices, NSF (CPS), $185,000, (09/1/2009-08/31/2012).

P. McDaniel, HECURA: Collaborative Research: Secure Provenance in High-End Computing Systems, NSF (CCF), $307,073, (09/15/2009-08/31/2012).

P. McDaniel, Security Services in Open Telecommunications Networks, NSF (CNS), $594,941, (09/15/2009-08/31/2012).

P. McDaniel, Characterizing and Mitigating Wireless Systems Vulnerabilities, Defense University Research Instrumentation Program (DURIP), Army Research Office (ARO), $150,000, (05/22/2009-05/21/2010).

T. Jaeger, Techniques to Retrofit Legacy Code with Security, NSF(CNS), $1,200,000 ($300,000), (09/01/2009-08/31/2012).

T. Jaeger, Policy Analysis Tools for XSM/Flask , Air Force Research Lab (AFRL), $193,000, (01/01/2009-01/31/2010).


P. McDaniel, Integrity Management for ICT Development, Bell Labs Network Reliability and Security Office, Alcatel-Lucent , $100,000, (11/30/08-11/30/09).

A. Smith, CAREER: Rigorous Foundations for Data Privacy, NSF, $400,000, (2008-2013).

P. McDaniel, Utility Grid Automation and Risk Management, Lockheed Martin, $400,000, (11/30/08-12/16/09).


A. Smith, S. Raskhodnikova, Algorithms for Private Data Analysis, NSF, $282,428, 2007-2010.

P. McDaniel, EVEREST: Evaluation and Validation of Election-Related Equipment, Standards, and Testing, The State of Ohio, $332,066, (10/01/07-01/07/08).

T. La Porta, T. Jaeger, and P. McDaniel, NeTS WN: Protecting Services for Emerging Wireless Telecommunications Infrastructure, NSF (CNS), $400,000, 2007-2010.

P. McDaniel, CAREER: Realizing Practical High Assurance through Security-Typed Information Flow Systems, NSF (CNS), $400,000, 2007-2012.

T. Jaeger, Integrity Management on Linux for Mobile Devices, Samsung, $92,717, 2007.


T. Jaeger, Faculty Partnership Award, IBM Research, $30,000, 2006.

A. Sivasubramaniam and P. McDaniel, HECURA: Exploiting Asymmetry in Performance and Security Requirements for I/O in High-end Computing, NSF (CFF), $699,690, 2006-2010.

T. Jaeger and P. McDaniel, CT-IS: Shamon: Systems Approaches for Constructing Distributed Trust, NSF (CNS), $400,000, 2006-2010.

P. McDaniel, Automated Configuration with the PRESTO Network Management Platform, AT&T, $100,000, 2006-2008.

T. La Porta (PI), Patrick McDaniel (co- PI), Aylin Yener (co-PI), Next Generation Wireless Systems Evolution Study, Telecommunication Network Evolution, Raytheon, $50,000, 2006.

Patrick McDaniel, "Extending Developer Tools for Security-typed Languages," Software Engineering Research Center, Sponsor: Motorola, $46,400, 2005-2007.


P. McDaniel, Collaborative Research: CT-T: Flexible, Decentralized Information-flow Control for Dynamic Environments, NSF (CCF), 2005-2008, $234,585.

P. McDaniel, "Testbed for Network-Scale Countermeasure Evaluation, Cisco," 2005-2006, $45,938.

P. McDaniel and P. Hicks, Extending Developer Tools for Security-typed Languages, Software Engineering Research Center, 2005-2006, $23,200.