Security in Interdomain Routing

The Internet is a collection of many disparate networks, or autonomous systems (ASes) connected together. In order to reach hosts outside the local AS, the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is required; it is responsible for routing packets to their destination throughout the Internet. BGP is essential to the Internet's operation, but there are few security guarantees, with global ramifications. Central to the security problems with BGP are the lack of origin authentication and path authentication, the inability to attest to the source of a route advertisement and the correct path to a destination, respectively.

We have devised cryptographic constructions that allow for real-time origin authentication, previously thought to be untenable. Additionally, our cryptographic structures for path authentication (shown above) reduce the number of signature validations -- the most costly cryptographic operation associated with the authentication operation -- by up to 95 per cent over currently accepted solutions.

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